Mugener Calming Ampule Mist 100ml


* A facial spray for soothing formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients based on natural plant origin that helps to keep sensitive skin problems at bay while keeping the skin moist and protected.
* The snail dross of natural origin effectively calms and soothes sensitive skin irritation.
The uniquely designed spray nozzle allows ultra-thin fog particles to penetrate the skin for instant brightness and hydration.

□Size: 100ml


* Moisturizing
* Hypoallergenic
* Suitable for sensitive skin


□How to use
* A moisturizer without mineral oil that regulates at any time during the day when you feel tired ness and lack of moisture on your face, keep the spray at a distance of about 20 – 30 cm from your face and press the nozzle with your eyes closed.
Tip: Easy practicality at any stage of skin care (even before and after makeup) to maintain long-lasting hydration and bright texture.

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