Drawing Eye Brow New


* Anyone can draw perfect eyebrows using a triangular brow pencil that applies smoothly and evenly.

□Size: 0.25g
□Weight: (g): 10


* Adhesive lasting power for your long-lasting brow tails
* Smooth & even color payoff with clump-free drawing
* Neat & delicate finish with the pencil's shape and edges
* Natural like your own eyebrows


□How to use
* Draw a guideline along your brows and fill in with wide side of the pencil.
* It's more natural to draw the eyebrow-head vertically from the roots and upwards, as if planting every single eyebrow.
* Stroke and naturally smudge the brows with a featured screw brush.
Tip: Gives you natural color payoff with no makeup, and defined & long-lasting finish on oil-controlled base makeup.

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