Derma Plan Ultra Balm Cream 60ml


* Water loss preventing balm cream that blocks the external stimulants

□Size: 60ml


* Spotless protection with Panthenol and shea butter
- Panthenol: Healing
- Shea butter: Excellent nourishment
* Plant-based Ceramide & Rose callus culture extract for stroung double protection
- Ceramide: Barrier strengthening
- Rose callus culture extract: Calms sensitivity
* 4 clinical test completed: Skin Damage Prevention Test, Skin Allergy Test (RIPT, Repeated Insult Patch Test), Sensitive Skin Irritation Test, Skin Stability Test


□How to use
* On your last step for skin care, apply the appropriate amount onto the face and massage from the center, out. Then with the left over moisture, gently dab away so that the skin absorbs them.

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