Derma Plan Green Control Serum 60ml


* Balancing serum that controls the oiliness and restores the moisture balance

□Size: 60ml


* Camel grass extract + Green tea, Cranberry extract for excess sebum control
- Camel grass extract: Oil control, anti-bacterial effect
- Green tea, Cranberry extract: Controls shine, anti-inflammatory
* Artemisia Princeps Leaf extract + Oligo Hyaluronic acid for moisture balancing care
- Artemisia Princeps Leaf extract: Soothing & anti-inflammatory effect
- Oligo Hyaluronic acid: Low molecular HA: Hydrates and firms
* 3 lab tests completed safe formula, derma cosmetic
- Non-comedogenic test, sensitivity test, irritation test


□How to use
* After toning, apply a moderate amount to face and gently dap for further absorption.

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