Biom Cera Barrier Cream 50g

□Size: 50g

ㅁHow to use
* Apply an appropriate amount to your face and absorb it.

* Purified water, cetylhexanoate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, dicapryl carbonate, butylene glycol, 1,2-hexane diol, bead wax, sheaver, coconut palm oil, niacinamide, glyceryl stearate, Cetaearyl olivate, solvitan olivate, sodium acrylate/sodium acryloyl dimethyl tauerate copolymer, ammonium acryloyl dimethyl tauer/vipicopolymer, Polyisobutene, Western cabbage extract, Western pine leaves/stem extract, adenosine, vitamin tree oil, caprilil/capril glucoside, solvitanoliate, beach strawberry extract, apple tree leaf extract, bifida fermentation filtrate, Hydrogenydressitin, lactobacillus fermented product, lactococcus fermented seafood, streptococcus termophilus fermented product, ceramide NP

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