Biom Cera Barrier Cleansing Gel 150g

□Size: 150g

ㅁHow to use
* Dispense an appropriate amount of the contents, foam them, gently cleanse them like massaging on the face, and rinse them with lukewarm water.

* Purified water, sodium C14-16olefin sulfonate, lauryl betaine, glycerin, sodium chloride, propylene glycolate, gluconolactone, butylene glycol, capryl glycol, guahydroxypropyl ammonium chloride, Ethylhexylglycerin, bergamot oil, bifida fermentation seafood, dysodium dithia, laurylpyridinium chloride, hexylene glycol, xanthan gum, levulinic acid, allantoin, sodium bicarbonate, Caprilic/capric triglyceride, hydrogenydressitin, streptococcus termophilus fermented product, bifida fermented filtrate, lactococcus fermented seafood, lactobacillus fermented product, phytosteryl/octyldosylauroylglutamate, ceramic np, sodium hyaluronate, limonene, linul, citral

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