Aloe Soothing Gel 250ml


* The ultra-moisturizing soothing gel forms a refreshing moisture film over dry, flaky skin with its ingredient of aloe from pristine Jeju.

□Size: 250ml
□Weight (g): 330


* High moisture, soothing aloe
* 5-in-1 multi soothing gel
* Long lasting moisture


□How to use
* Whenever you feel dryness over your face, body, hair, etc., or you need soothing care, apply it frequently and let it absorb into your skin/hair.
* Use as a soothing gel on flushed cheeks from heat and UV lights
* Use as a moisturizer on a dried skin
* Mix with oil to apply on dry hair
* Use as a cooling after-shaving cream
* Use as a cooling gel on heated, burning skin
* Use as a nail essence for nourished, healthy nail.

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